Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things we did

So there are A TON of things to do on the Jersey Shore. Here's what we did besides the beach and the boardwalk.

The Cape May County Zoo is my new favorite zoo. It's free, super shady, easy for tiny kids to see the animals, completely manageable to see in a day, and did I mention free?

Look how all the animals are so easy to see!

Should I be concerned that she is this excited about a giant snake?

My only complaint was how rude this white goat was. Zoe really wanted to feed the black goat, but the white one kept stealing the food. 

What a jerk face. 

I went to the spa. 

Seriously, people play a lot of money for this stuff...

We went to this cool model train display, which was perfect for the 99 degree weather. 

Oh, and besides climbing out of her crib, Zoe learned how to shave her legs...

I think she's maybe seen me do this 3 times in her life. 

Don't panic, there's no blade on there. 

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