Monday, July 22, 2013

"Vacation, all I ever wanted!"

Operation vacation 2013 was super! Last year, our big vacation was Greece. This year, we went to New Jersey. Not as cool you say? Well, I'll tell you about our vacation ALL WEEK LONG and then you can be the judge.

We stayed in a very private little cottage on the Delaware Bay. The house didn't even have an address.  It was not possible to Google map it or put it into our GPS. It even had signs everywhere inside just in case you had to give 911 directions. I don't know about you, but that is sounds pretty secluded to me.

We got there around 7pm and thought we'd just walk on the beach for a little bit...

...but Zoe jumped right in saying, "I have so much fun in water!"

The low tide was pretty awesome. It made all these pools which were perfect for Zoe to play in care free, and we could walk around and explore. 

Look how far out we could walk!

We got to set up camp on our own private beach and the week we were there we only saw a handful of other people.

It was the perfect spot to relax and eat some sand covered pretzels...

Low tide also created some fun mud! 

Zoe was pretty taken by the place, and even had to show baby the view.

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