Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Listening Carefully

Meet Zoe's new best friend, Belle.

Belle does everything with us now.

Cinderella used to be the favorite, but ever since she "went to the ball" aka got lost at Ikea, Belle has emerged the victor.

Look at Belle, just plotting to take Cinderella's place.

Poor Aleko gets the Snow White leftovers.

But, I was noticing Belle was in trouble.


You see. If you want to know what you sound like when you talk to your children, listen to how they speak to their toys.

Things were not sounding good.

Coincidentally, Zoe has also been in a lot of trouble for scratching.

From the bug bites she got at the beach in July, to the tiny scratch she got at the pool in September, to big scrapes she recently had on her chin and nose.

We can't get them healed because Zoe keeps tearing them apart.

As soon as they look a little better, she wakes up with them bigger and worse than ever.

So we've gotten really strict about it, which was obvious from the discipline I was overhearing.

I wasn't enjoying it. It all sounded so mean and I was worried we had been too stern about the situation.

But, right before I decided that Zoe was never going to be in trouble for anything ever again, I heard...

I guess we aren't all bad.

I now leave you with Zoe's version of, "The Belle and the Beast song" as Zoe likes to call it. Which I like to call "Little Town", but Disney likes to call "Belle".


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  1. One night we heard Sophia counting in her bed. We turned on the video monitor to see what she was doing. She was holding one of her stuffed animals and saying "1, 2, 3...that's it go to timeout!" I felt smaller than a pebble but then she redeems me when she cheers me on when I go potty (just like I do for her) or she tells everyone how "beautiful and smart" they are.

    So if you're setting Zoe up for therapy, I'm right there with you...at least you won't be alone. :)