Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goals and Aspirations

One day, Zoe and Yannos were on a bike ride. They passed by marching band practice and Zoe exclaimed...

(I don't understand how bikes work!)

Here she is practicing. She says that book is her instrument. Maybe a tuba?

Just last week, Zoe was walking down the hallway at Greek school pointing at the paintings saying, when she was bigger and older she would do paintings like that. The director at Greek school was tickled that the first time she ever heard Zoe speak, it was about, "Goals and aspirations."

It seems she plans to do a lot of things when she's bigger and older, including...

1.) Be a NYC Rockette

2.) Like the color blue

3.) Eat onions

4.) Be a little sister

One through three are all possibilities.

Not sure how she's going to swing that last one.

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