Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zoe's Big Girl Room

Okay. It only took me 2 months, but I'd like to present Zoe's "new" big girl room!

Inspiration started with this photo...

I know I claim all the time that I don't like pink, but I loved this color combination. It felt so happy.


It was the vibe I wanted for her and I felt like it was mature enough to grow with her. For more of what inspired me, head over to the pinterest board I started ages ago to collect my thoughts.

I developed a slight hot air balloon obsession during the design process and began describing the room as having an "old Parisian carnival" theme.

So when I stumbled upon these prints, I bought them immediately...

For links to everything that is actually in the room check out THIS Pinterest board. If a link ends up not working, then please let me know. 

First thing is first. The big picture. Here are a few wide shots all the way around the room to get the idea. 

Her art space was fully functional and she'd stay in her room for an hour coloring before going to sleep. But then, she drew on her wall multiple times, so all her pencils and crayons were confiscated. 

Exhibit A!

I like how perfectly it matches her lamp...

I didn't have the heart to clean it up, because Zoe told me she, "loves her pretty pretty drawing." 

Yannos took care of it. 

The curtains were a tough decision. I thought I wanted color, but no color was right. I brought about 15 different ideas home to test drive them. I bought the yellow ombre shower curtains on a whim and then fell in love with them. I don't typically see curtains the same shade as the the wall so I was a bit nervous, but they are my favorite. 

The curtains did not originally have grommets. I added them. 

That sounds impressive, but it's not. 

You just use these. 

I wanted to create a little reading nook. It's nice to look at, but so far she prefers reading in her bed. 

My mom made those amazing floor pillows. 

And we stained some Ikea spice racks for the shelves.

We also stained the bed legs, and a little doll bed the same color. I liked the dark stain to contrast with the floor color and tie into the dark curtain hardware and frames. 

We also spray painted the lamp from silver to oil rubbed bronze to coordinate. 

Here's a roundup of the artwork in her room. Prints are from Etsy artists and Ikea. Frames are from Michaels and Ikea.


 And my favorite corner of art...

Which looks like this when you lie down...

Don't worry, they are very light and well secured!

As for the bed. We stained, padded, and upholstered one of these Ikea frames...

It was a lot of hard work, but worth it! 

I knew I wanted to bring in a lot of texture with the headboard. 

 I love how the fabric picks up the teal and pink.

 The rug was a great find, because I was having a hard time feeling like everything was tied together with a solid colored rug. This rug seemed like a huge risk, but it was the right choice to make the wood tones, yellow, and blue all come together with the pink.

It just didn't feel like Zoe's room without a few owls. So these guys got to come too.

That white tray holds her most prized possession...

Her comb.

The narrow space between the closet and the door displays one of the first purchases I made for her room. Little metal butterflies.

 And there you have it! Zoe likes it. I like it. Do you like it?

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