Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Girl!

My first baby turned three and I have some things to share about it.

Her birthdays are totally cursed! On her first birthday, I had to leave the big, amazing party we were having at our house to bring her to the ER for 105 degree fever. Yesterday, on her third birthday, this happened suddenly...

Then this brown disgusting liquid started coming out of her ear and I was totally grossed out. The doctor said she could see us Thursday.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I carried my screaming toddler to the car and woke up Aleko to head to Urgent Care for an ear infection/probable busted ear drum diagnosis and her first ever antibiotic.

That was super fun and all, but my favorite part of her birthday was her reaction to the present we gave her.

So over a year ago, Yannos and I rescued a dollhouse from our neighbor's trash pile and I've been slowly collecting dollhouse furniture from consignment sales for the past two years. Yeah, we're patient around here.

The dollhouse has been sitting in our garage and every now and then Zoe asks if she can play with it. I ignore her completely until she forgets about it. Great, I know.

I was anxious to give it to her, so when she woke up from her nap after her party, I basically ran into her room and yelled about coming downstairs immediately.

When she saw the house she so sweetly said...

Good thing I'm no dummy! I ordered these guys...

They are great because they stand AND sit which is apparently rare in dollhouse world. I was also determined to get a non-white family. 

The baby's name is "Aleko like our baby."

Unfortunately for Zoe, Aleko also took an interest.

This dinosaur is "taking the Pappou to Philadelphia because the dinosaur might be too scary for the two Goldilocks sleeping in the bed."

Duh guys. What dollhouse doesn't have a stegosaurus to ride? 

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