Monday, June 16, 2014

Ride the Riverside 2014

Last weekend Yannos and a few of our friends participated in Ride the Riverside for the MS Society. The group on Saturday rode 100 miles and the group on Sunday rode 32 miles. Yannos was the only one crazy enough to ride both days.

The team raised an outstanding $7,307! That truly amazes me. Here are some pictures from the day. I'm unfortunately finding it much harder to take quality pictures with 2 kids. Something about needing my hands free...

It was a gorgeous weekend for chilling at the finish line! 

And climbing poles...

And passing out...

So that's what we were doing while these guys did all the work.

Here are the Saturday boys (minus one rider). 
Unfortunately there was an injury early in the ride that took Justin out of commission. The boys said they were riding for me, but really they were riding for Justin. 

Medals and sore backs!

The tribute to Justin!

Day 1: Max speed of 34mph? You guys obviously didn't see that speed limit sign Zoe was climbing. 

Day 2! 

Haven't seen Greg since our wedding, but MS rides bring people together. 

Looks too easy for Laura :)

Yannos and the skidoos

Hanging out in the tent.

Lexi had to bow out of the ride on Sunday due to asthma, but then we really lost her when the pick up van went the wrong way on the highway.

Yannos said he was worried when he first got back on the bike again on Sunday, but felt completely fine after a few miles.

Next up for team "With Friends Like These..."? Team jerseys.

If anyone knows anything about custom bike jerseys, you let me know.

Thank you to our team and thank you to everyone for all of the support!

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