Thursday, June 19, 2014



So Zoe and I were drawing with chalk and I asked her if she wanted to lie down so I could trace her body.

"YES! Let's go. Do it in pink."

So she positioned herself on the driveway and I traced her.

"Do you want to give yourself eyes and hair?"


"What's that?"

"My nose."

"Hair, hair, hair, hair."

"And eyes!"

"Is that your mouth?"

"Ummm. No. That's my other eye."

"Now, it's your turn Mommy!"

So I got down on the driveway and she worked hard to trace me. When I got up, this is what I found!

Apparently my body shape is Minnesota.


  1. Zoe is leaps and bounds ahead of Sophia in the tracing department. I get one line on either side of me and a declaration of "DONE!"


    1. She was recently doing the same thing! They crack me up.

  2. I think she is trying to tell you she wants to visit Auntie T in Minnesota.