Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ahoy Baby!

I had the lovely pleasure of hosting a baby shower for an old friend. The nursery theme is nautical, so naturally, I totally stole it for the shower.

Meet Pepper Octopus. He's almost as lovable as Nannerpus. Almost

The most beautiful cookies made by Lenka at Instantly in Love

Go like her Facebook page. DO IT. You won't regret it.  

The whales are spouting hearts.


After you like her page. Order some cookies. 

I'm a sucker for paper lanterns. 

You probably can't tell, but those deviled eggs are little boats with pepper sails. 
We're fancy like that. 

Wishes for the baby and messages for the parents...

Tie it all up and put it in the bottle!

Quinoa salad with endive boats

We also served Life Preservers for dessert, which were grilled pineapple rings and mini donuts. Get it? So clever. There are no pictures because Yannos and Zoe ate ALL OF THEM and they weren't even guests at the shower.


  1. We ordered 75 donuts from the local farmer's market stand. They told me there were probably 85 donuts when they handed me the box. I'm proud to state that I ate at LEAST 45 over the two days that those poor things existed. Ashley saw Zoe with 6 on her plate at some point during the shower.

  2. Kudos to Ashley and her wonderful helpers for putting on the most amazing shower!!!!!!!!!!