Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Rewind - Halloween edition

First up...Halloween

You'd think my Halloween obsession disappeared based on the lack of Halloween spirit up in here. It didn't. I was just off enjoying it.

I desperately tried to convince Zoe that Aleko should be the Big Bad Wolf and we would be the 3 Little Pigs. She was not having it. She did not want to be a pig, but she was more than happy to tell her grandparents they should be!

They are such good sports. So we combined two fairy tales with Aleko being the center of it all.

There was only one problem. The cute wolf hat I ordered from Etsy 6 weeks before Halloween was being held hostage in a South African mail strike. Finally, the weekend before Halloween, I gave up hope and whipped up a wolf costume for him. I really wish I could say it was hard, but I did it during one nap with a grey sweat suit we already owned that barely fit him and some pieces of felt.

I used this link for inspiration, but since I was putting everything on a hood instead of making my own mask, it wasn't nearly as involved.

I hot glued the face and hand sewed the ears and paws at the ends of his sleeves and pants. I wasn't planning on making paws, but the clothes were too small for him, so it all worked out.

I hand sewed the tummy panel too. Although it was cute, it made it a pain to get on and off!

Zoe's costume was an old dress of mine and a store-bought cape (thanks Gymboree).

As for Yannos and I.

Yannos had specifically said he did not want to have facial hair this Halloween because of the past few years requiring it. So, we made him grandma. I got to be a man...AGAIN.

Goodwill never lets us down.

Despite popular opinion...Yannos was not wearing a silver turban. I even had a hairy chest.

All in all a great Halloween! Zoe even participated in a scream contest at the annual party we attend.
It was amazing.

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