Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello! Long time no see.

For anyone paying attention, I haven't been around since October. In the past I have needed to take breaks because I wasn't feeling great. The good news is, I'm feeling fine and I've been missing for quite the opposite reason. I've actually been working more than I have been able to since Zoe was born. It's still not a ton, but it feels good. Obviously, it takes away a lot of my free time.

I started this blog for a few different reasons, but a big one was since I had to be sitting and resting so much, the blog was a great way for me to do something more interesting with my down time.

I'm never a big fan when bloggers spend a lot of time lamenting how they don't keep up. Do it because you like it or don't do it. Taking a break wasn't a planned decision. It was just something that dropped off my list as my plate became more full. I also became frustrated with how Facebook holds updates ransom and it seemed most people weren't even seeing new posts.

The thing is, I have a lot to share and I like doing it here. So, I'll be doing a little re-capping this week (Halloween, the Anna dress fiasco, and weaning) and talking about some new things (healing my diastasis reci, P52, and my existential crisis).

Happy 2015! 


  1. Tell them how you had to be told that you're having an existential crisis!