Thursday, April 16, 2015

That time I was a birth photographer...

So, we've been through lots of different times together. That time I was a wedding planner, a florist, a wedding photographer, and now, my latest dip into photography...a birth.

I think birth photography is amazing. The moments captured have such intense emotion. The feelings evoked when looking at those images are so strong.

I have always wanted to photograph a birth. But, I'm not a professional photographer. Who is going to let me just waltz right in and take some pictures of such an intimate moment?

Cue one of my best friends, Andrea. We have known each other for 15 (!) years now. We only lived in the same city for 9 months during freshman year in college and that was enough for a lifelong friendship. We've been to Paris together living on bread, cheese, and maybe a little bit of wine for a week. We've been in each others weddings. She flew all the way from San Francisco for my baby shower. She gives the best presents and has the cutest clothes. She and her husband moved to the city we live in a couple of years ago and they had their first child last weekend.

This baby was quite overdue. Like final hours, last resort before the midwives made her go to the hospital and get induced overdue.  Now we know what took him so long...he was waiting for my birthday.

I arrived at the Birth Center at 9pm on April 11th. 

Expecting a long night I brought a book, snacks, and bunch of entertainment. I joked with the midwives about the baby being born on my birthday and they were all, OK out-of-touch-knows-nothing-about-birth crazy lady - that's never happening.

Check out this gorgeousness...

So much support! 

The calmest and most peaceful laborer...

Surprised to see the head, "Oh, I guess we will be having this baby before midnight!"

One second old! 

4/11/15 at 11:00pm

Happy Family!

Staring at Daddy

Mommy bonding time

Midwife exam...

Perfect fingers!

How many hands does it take to buckle a newborn?

To me, a newborn session is all about the cute new baby, but a birth session is all about the moment and the experience.  The power and beauty of a mother in labor. The love explosion that happens after that baby is born. How lucky I am.

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