Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometimes people ask me, "Hey! How accurate are your pictures?"

Ridiculously accurate. Follow me...

Take this picture from my post on our road trip to Michigan

How could this be accurate you ask? Carseats don't have eyes or teeth! 

Her carseat is green. See? 100% accurate. 

Pay no attention to that tiny baby.

See this? This is a pretty basic picture from the alarm clock fiasco post. BUT...

1 - Zoe's walls are grey

2 - Zoe's crib is white

3 - Our hallway paint is tan

4 - Our doors are white

5 - Our doorknobs are brass

6 - I just accurately detailed your FACE OFF

I take Microsoft Paint very seriously. I make my own custom colors in paint that match the real life paint colors on our walls. I wish I was lying to you right now.

Maybe just having the right colors isn't enough though. This is a terrible rendering of my diaper bag. Yes, I used grey, yellow and white, but this isn't even close. Congrats on being as good as a child.

Now we're talking...This post was my most time consuming to draw by far. I had a story to tell and stories are stupid without details. Every single thing in this room is in the right place and is the right color.

Ok. So what if I'm missing the rocker in the corner and I neglected to draw curtains?

 My hand was le tired.

And from the infamous honey post

That honey bear is pretty spot on. 

This is where things really start to break down. 
Here is a picture from the post about her food throwing habits.

Food throwing baby? Check. White high chair with silver legs and white feet? Check.

Accurate number of high chair legs? What?

For some reason I always draw her chair with 3 legs. Her high chair has 4 legs.

A 3 legged high chair sounds like the worst invention ever.

Luckily, I am not an inventor!

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