Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Roundup!

2012 was a FANTASTIC year.

We did lots of traveling...Greece, San Francisco, and Michigan to name the big ones. But, not all of our traveling was for fun. My grandfather died in March, which you can read about here.

Zoe turned one and we both turned 30, which we celebrated by having a 61st birthday party. Complete with a music video to celebrate. I still simultaneously laugh and cry when I watch that thing, and I can't believe how much she has changed.

I participated in a P52 challenge where I took a theme related picture every week of the year. I started a few weeks in, so I have 49 pictures. I was tempted to go back and take them, but my skills are so different now that I think it would really look out of place. I also posted 31 of my favorite pictures from 2012 that never made it onto the blog or P52, which you can see here. I'm looking forward to doing another photography challenge in 2013. 

On the blog front: I guest posted here and here. I met YHL, and even got a shout out from them on their blog.

On the MS front: I'm enjoying the (modified) Wahls Diet and Yannos rode 61 miles with our friends and raised over $3,000 dollars.

We ended the year by celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!

 I kind of love the end of the year. Organize some things. Look at all the pictures from the year. Reflect.

Happy New Year!

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