Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bandwagons are for Jumping!

So, obviously I have to talk about resolutions.

Last year was one of the first times I actually made a New Year's resolution. I'd like to report that it went well. I read more (non-parenting) books and I even surpassed my goal number. I checked up on the news and listened to NPR. Sometimes Zoe cries when NPR is on since she is disturbed when invisible people are talking to her. Then I have to listen to Ke$ha instead. Being a parent is such hard work.

This year I have multiple goals. I'm also less anti-resolution. Maybe because time is moving faster with a child, and it seems like a good time to refocus my efforts.

1.) Get pictures off the computer

Photographs look so much better when printed. I made a photo book from our Greece trip, and now I want to make a photo book for every event in our life. "Here's the night we ordered Chinese! Oh! And here's the night we watched South Park for 4 hours." You know, normal things you make photo books for.

2.) Learn how to mend clothes

Moths ate holes in my sweaters and I want to kill them. I thought I had taken all the appropriate precautions, but no. So, I need to fix those and I need to learn how to hem my pants without crying over the sewing machine.

3.) Continue improving my photography skills

P52 did wonders for me. I'm doing another photo challenge for the year and I'll register for another workshop

4.) Get a tattoo

I'll let you decide if I'm serious or not. I have a Pinterest board for it if that sways you.

Read more New Year type stuff in my 2012 rewind!

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