Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hot Pink in the Red Barn!

So, Yannos and I went to a lovely wedding last weekend. The weather was beautiful, the party was fun, the venue was cool, and I did the flowers!

First, check out how cool this farm is. It was so pretty.

Here is what the flowers looked like when I picked them up from Potomac Floral Wholesale, which was awesome. They were so helpful, played with the kids, loaded my car, and even offered Zoe pizza.

Hot pink, pink, and white gerbera daisies and carnations with one bunch of tiny roses for the bride. The bride's bouquet was mostly dark pink, the bridesmaid's were hot pink and pink, and the mother's carried light pink and white bouquets.

First I stripped the leaves and got them all in water

Then divided them into possible groupings.

I've never done this many bouquets before (12 total) so planning them out was key.

Even Zoe got in on the action using the old flowers from last week's baby shower after she demolished 3 pink carnations and was fired from child labor.

Some of the finished products...

Action shots...

The happy couple (I did the cute little boutonniere too, but only one for the groom).

But my favorite part was when the bride went up to the hay loft to throw her bouquet and instead of throwing it into the crowd of ladies, she threw it directly into this light...

And it exploded into a hundred pieces...

...along with my heart.

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